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A large-scale enterprise group focusing on asset management, funds,petrochemical product production and sales, and property leasing

Business profile

Silver Grant International adheres to the concept of being professional, objective, honest and mutually beneficial, taking serving the industry and promoting industrial development as its vision. With a rigorous service attitude, it provides the Group and its clients with professional support services such as financing, integration of resources and value enhancement.
In addition, it integrates financial institutions, platforms, channels, products and other quality resources to meet the different funding needs of various enterprises and customers and provide multiple financial services covering financing and wealth management businesses (e.g. commercial factoring, financial leasing and supply chain finance).


Silver Grant International embraces a new industry-based financial business model to provide services of financial leasing, factoring and supply chain finance for the large core enterprises in specific industries, such as electric power, medical care, construction and petrochemical engineering.
  • Construction enterprise

    Taking root in the industry, we are familiar with the detailed operations of engineering projects, e.g. bidding, construction and final settlement. With the said advantages, we customize financing plans for the participants in respect of the accounts receivable for the supply chain of construction and provide all-round factoring financing services for them.

  • Medical treatment and medicine

    We are committed to providing financial services for the “Massive Health” industry chain of medical treatment and medicine. We customize various financing plans for all entities and provide featured services of factoring and financial leasing on transactions involving medical treatment and medicine to meet the financing needs of the entire supply chain, including providers of raw materials, manufacturers, commercial distribution companies and hospitals.

  • Petrochemical engineering

customize different financing plans for energy and chemical engineering enterprises and petrochemical engineering sector, and provide them with professional, convenient and flexible services on financial leasing, factoring and supply chain finance etc., in respect of the accounts receivable and the needs for order financing of the supply chain of energy and chemical engineering enterprises to facilitate their benign development.

  • Electric power sector

    We provide financial services, e.g. factoring and financing, in respect of the accounts payable of the upstream suppliers of electric power enterprises.

Wealth Management

We are poised to provide customers of high net value with “one-for-one” advisory wealth management service. The Company regards the clients as its first priority and makes comprehensive analysis of their wealth status, investment and risk preferences and requirements for wealth management. To carry on a safe and steady development, the Company has made professional, personalized and all-round plans of asset allocation and wealth management for our customers, including the wealth management products regarding cash management, securities investment fund, private equity and creditor’s rights, to ensure that the assets of its customers will remain steady with value continuously increasing. The wealth management products mainly involve urban renewal, non-performing assets, energy, medicine, TMT and equity investment.

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