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A large-scale enterprise group focusing on asset management, funds,petrochemical product production and sales, and property leasing

Business profile

CNOOC (Taizhou) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (“Taizhou Petrochemical”) is a joint venture under the joint control of the Group and CNOOC Refining Co., Ltd., and is an embodiment of our Group’s strategic layout of investment in petrochemical sector. Established in July 2007, Taizhou Petrochemical is located in Binjiang Industrial Park, Taizhou Medical High-Tech Zone. With a land area of nearly 3,000 mu and a registered capital of RMB3.5 billion, the company boasts the total assets of RMB15 billion, an annual processing capacity of 6 ~ 8 million tons, 23 main plants and matching utilities, auxiliary works and 2 oil product wharves. Using the paraffinic and naphthenic crude oil of CNOOC Group as raw materials and introducing SHELL and CLG advanced process, it is an industrial base of new chemical materials and an enterprise producing the proprietary lubricating oil product series characterized by smart production management, reasonable product structure, advanced indicators of environmental protection and energy consumption, with certain influence in East China and distinctive industry features.
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  • Total Assets

  • Land Area

  • Oil Terminal

  • Main Device

  • Annual Processing Capacity

Development Strategy

The Company has intensified the investment in technical transformation to increase the production capacity of products with high added value and improve operating profit margin. Relying on its annual crude oil processing capacity of 8 million tons/year, it follows the principle of “accelerating the development of high-end lubricating oil products based on alkene or aroma”, leverages its advantages in paraffinic and naphthenic crude oil and carries on transformation and upgrading through differentiation strategy. The Company plans to invest 18 billion yuan in 3 ~ 5 years to build 15 plants and transform 4 plants, thereby emerging as the medium and large Chinese industrial base of high-end lubricating oil and new chemical materials.

  • Our principle

    Accelerate the development of high-end lubricating oil products based on alkene or aroma.

  • Our advantages

    Paraffinic and naphthenic crude oil.

  • Our vision

    Emerge as the medium and large Chinese industrial base of high-end lubricating oil and new chemical materials.

Major Products

Finished lubricating oil
Base oil of lubricating oil
Methyl ethyl ketone
Gasoline and diesel of National Ⅵ Standard
Solvent naphtha
Petrol coke
Liquefied gas
Liquid ammonia and other products

Featured Products

Lubricating oil industry——“Haijiang” lubricating oil

Taizhou Petrochemical is an important production base of CNOOC for production of quality lubricating oil. For its proprietary lubricating oil of “Haijiang” brand, there has been an entire industrial chain from the production and processing of the base oil of lubricating oil to the blending and canning of lubricating oil products, and then to terminal sales. The lubricating oil products of “Haijiang” are up to the ISO9001 quality certification system and comply with relevant quality systems, e.g. API and GB.
The lubricating oil blending plant of Taizhou Petrochemical occupies a land area of 91520.8m2 and has a designed scale of 100,000 tons/year. It has the tank farms of base oil, additives and finished products, buildings for blending and warehouses, which are used to produce and store “Haijiang” lubricating products in small package of 1L, 4L, 18L and 200L.

Product Catagories

Motor oil series

Series Introduction

It is produced by blending the quality base oil produced by Taizhou Petrochemical itself with the suitable products of the 4 largest additive companies. The products include synthetic oil, mineral gasoline, diesel engine oil, gear oil for vehicles and peripheral auxiliary products.

Series Products
Gasoline engine oil
Diesel engine oil
Oil for mobile turbines of heavy load
Gear oil of vehicles of heavy load
Motorcycle oil

Industrial/bunker oil series

Series Introduction

Industrial oil products are blended with hydrogen-contained base oil of high quality and suitable compound additives, including abrasive hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil and heat conducting oil, with refrigerant oil and transformer oil being the star products of “Haijiang” brand.

Bunker oil products are blended with hydrogen-contained base oil of high quality and suitable compound additives, with the sales of CD marine products series on top of the sales rank.

Series Products
Abrasive hydraulic oil (ordinary)
Abrasive hydraulic oil (high pressure)
Industrial gear oil
Refrigerant oil
Fully enclosed refrigerant oil
Turbine oil
Air compressor oil
Hydraulic rail oil
Vacuum pump oil
Transmission oil
Spindle oil
Instrument oil
Oil for all-loss system
Heat conduction oil
Diesel engine oil
Oil for cylinder diesel engines of intermediate speed
Intelligent production

The intelligent production management system of Taizhou Petrochemical covers all aspects of lubricating oil production process, enabling automatic production, canning and shipment of lubricating oil. The company has formed an integrated management mode of lubricating oil production, enhanced informatized management and ensured whole process tracking and control of production information through an advanced product tracing system.

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