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A large enterprise group that is principally engaged in asset management, funds, production and marketing of petrochemical products and leasing of properties.

  • Jul. 2020 CNOOC (Taizhou) Petrochemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture, signed a contract with the government of Taizhou City for a project of new chemical materials and high-end lubricating oil that involves a total investment of RMB18 billion.

  • Jul. 2019 CNOOC (Taizhou) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. successfully merged and acquired Taizhou Donglian Chemical and China Offshore Bitumen (Taizhou) Co., Ltd., and became a joint venture under the joint control of the Group and CNOOC Refining Co., Ltd.

  • Jul. 2019 Acquired a limited partnership that holds a domestic credit assets portfolio in China at the cost of RMB166 million.

  • Jul. 2019 Successfully issued convertible bonds with a principal amount of HKD1.15 billion.

  • May 2019 Silver Grant International Industries Limited was renamed as Silver Grant International Holdings Group Limited.

  • Oct. 2018 Zhuguang Holdings Group Company Limited (stock code: 01176.HK) became the largest shareholder; Sold all the shares in China UnionPay, earning a gross income of 3.33 times.

  • 2010-2015 Successively invested in Jiangxi Copper International, China UnionPay and TeraSolar Photothermal, all being the enterprises in the industries with potentials for growth, including natural resources, new energy and communications.

  • Dec. 2008 Acquired the equity interests of the petrochemical project in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province — Taizhou Donglian Chemical (50%) and Dongtai Petrochemical (69.78%) from an associated company China Infrastructure, declaring our entry into the petrochemical industry.

  • Nov. 2005 Acquired non-performing assets representing the principal and interest of creditor’s rights in an aggregate amount of RMB36.4 billion jointly with Citigroup from China Huarong at the cost of RMB546 million, setting a record high at that time in terms of the purchase of non-performing assets by foreign capital within the Chinese banking industry.

  • Jan. 2004 China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. became the largest shareholder to lead Silver Grant International and acted as a domestic forerunner in the disposal of non-performing assets, with the accumulated scale of disposal of over RMB100 billion as of 2010.

  • Jan. 2001 Acquired Beijing Yinda Property Management Co., Ltd. to enhance property management and increase the returns of rent.

  • Nov. 1998 The former China Nonferrous Metals Corporation withdrew and China Construction Bank became the single largest shareholder.

  • Jun. 1998 The East Gate Plaza located within the Second Eastern Ring, Beijing was completed for the expansion of property leasing business. In the year, the property won the China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Prime-Quality Project).

  • Jul. 1996 Participated in the pre-IPO investment in Jiangxi Copper (00358.HK).

  • Sep. 1995 Invested in domestic infrastructure projects through its associated companies China Infrastructure Investment Limited.

  • Aug. 1994 Purchased the new shares issued by Qingling Motors (01122.HK)

  • Jul. 1994 Invested in the equities of Beijing Wangfujing Department Store.

  • May 1993 China Construction Bank and the former China Nonferrous Metals Corporation became the shareholders of the Company, after which the Company became a listing platform under central enterprises and started to expand its equity investment business.

  • Feb. 1973 Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 00171) with principal businesses of property investment and securities investment and trading.

  • Jan. 1960 The predecessor International Industries Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong.

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